Transforming Talks

Few of us are born TED-style storytellers. 

For the rest of us, there’s TRANSFORMING TALKS. 

Transforming Talks is a proven platform and development tool for showcasing any organization’s breakthrough ideas and talent by leveraging the TED-style approach.   
TED is the established leader and premier platform for presenting important ideas through exceptional storytellers. Not surprising, many people want to replicate that kind of experience but don’t know how. 
Transforming Talks takes years of experience in training, coaching and event curation in TED-style presenting and makes it available to organizations interested in creating in-house and content-specific talks. 
The benefits go far beyond the immediate gratification of a great presentation or hosting a single event. You will witness transformational behaviors in the way presenters and leaders talk about their mission-critical work and how the experience sparks curiosity, encourages collaboration and strengthens culture. 

Five outcomes you can expect TRANSFORMING TALKS. 


a compelling way to present information that places emphasis on stories.  


by making the experts vulnerable and their stories personal. 


complex subject matter to one central idea, leading to greater understanding.


audiences with a reason to care, learn and also take action. 


people, perceptions and internal cultures, as well as how to communicate better going forward. It has the ability to renew greater appreciation and momentum for your organization’s purpose. 

Sample of Transforming Talks Initiatives 

WexMed Live Talks


The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center 


(2016, 2017, 2018)

Nationwide Children’s Hospital & Research Institute  

The Ohio State University Masterminds

Short Talks. Big Ideas.

(2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

The Ohio State University 


Leadership Summit

Curiosity Talks 

Discovery Talks 

Infectious Disease Institute at 

The Ohio State University 


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I had the privilege of seeing the outcomes of Ruth’s TED-style training and event curation through The Ohio State University’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science, and I wanted to bring that type of experience to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Her ability to transform how research-driven presenters convey information and help them give context to their science and data by telling a meaningful and compelling story is no small feat. 

As a result, we developed our first-ever DISCOVERYx event where we heard the stories behind the science and were able to see a diverse group of committed professionals who, under Ruth’s guidance, found their voice and are motivating and inspiring our teams. And perhaps even more important, we’re seeing value far beyond our event as it is cultivating a culture of greater sharing and collaboration – those things that lead to breakthrough ideas that otherwise might not happen.   

Lara McKenzie, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor, Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital 

Articulation has the unique ability to transform, for example, a world-renowned surgeon back into a student, and then into a superstar speaker. In essence, they coach people to distill their life’s work into a powerful, heartfelt 10-minute talk with mass appeal, inspiring audiences of thousands. Working with Articulation becomes a transformative and life-changing experience for each speaker, their audiences that day, whom they practice with, and certainly for me and my team.

Sherry McNary
Stewardship Manager, The Ohio State University

Read the full Masterminds case study.

We approached Ruth based on her work with TEDx in Columbus and the desire to develop a similar event within the Infectious Disease Discovery Theme at Ohio State. Specifically, we wanted to help equip our faculty with the ability to ‘talk science’ in a way so that people both internally and outside our walls could understand it. 

What we learned from Ruth and hosting a TED-style series of talks has exceeded our expectations. Our people were passionate about what they presented, and at times I had chills about what they were sharing, not just from their faculty member or scientist perspective, but as an emotionally vulnerable human being. This experience has informed the way we approach speaking opportunities going forward, has launched a speakers’ bureau to train more faculty members in this style, and even influences how we write grant proposals to advance our scientific work.  

Cathie Smith, Ph.D., PMP
Executive Director, Infectious Disease Discovery Theme
The Ohio State University