Technology Tools

Technology to help in building great presentations

Our Tool Kit

In addition to a white board, post it notes, a presentation binding system and lots of markers, here are the technology tools we can’t live without. 


Voice Memos: A voice recording app comes standard on all iPhones or is free to pull down from the Google Play store for Androids. We use this app more than anything else to record practice sessions; we also ask speakers to share recorded versions of the talks using this tool. All files can be shared via text or email. 
Uber Conference : We record all of our coaching calls, it helps us in our value of transparency. Clients love to listen back to the iterations on calls and it gives us a record of our progress together.
Zoom Conference: When we move to in-person coaching, sometimes we are long distance and need to use a video service. Most of our clients prefer their own Webex systems which we love, but when those aren’t available, we prefer zoom. 
Power Point and Keynote: The most important tool inside these for talk development isn’t how you design or build a slide deck, but how you can record over them for practice, timing and sharing. Here are the links for powerpoint recording and keynote recording. We don’t care which software you use as long as you use it within our best design guidelines. We do not prefer clients use prezi. 
Logitech Spotlight Presenter: Understandably, this it the cadillac presenter on the market. But once you understand its capabilities to help with timing and spotlighting, you’ll want one too. 
The projector connectors: Our most valuable tool is our Mac to HDMI connector. Your computer choice doesn’t matter as long as you can hook up to the projector in any setting.