Influential Storytelling


It’s one of the oldest art forms in the world.

But it is more influential than ever in today’s business world. 

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Storytelling is the fundamental skill every leader must have, allowing audiences to understand and engage with critical messages and insights, supporting data and driving decisions. 
If you think storytelling doesn’t apply to your field of work, sit right down and we’ll tell you a story. 
Whether you are in data and analytics, medical research, marketing strategy or finance, there’s a story waiting to be told.
Story is the bridge between what we know and care about – and what we want our audiences to know and care about.
Those audiences might include your organization executives, shareholders, customers or others not necessarily deeply knowledgeable of your area of expertise.
But it’s increasingly your job to educate and influence them on the subject.


Our Influential Storytelling Class:

Half-Day, Full-Immersion
Articulation’s Influential Storytelling class reveals what a story is, why it works in modern organizations, how to use stories effectively, and when it is best use them.
We will explain how story fits into a larger message framework and share the types of stories that resonate with audiences.
This half day class is broken into three learning categories:
  • 1. Overview of the fundamentals to storytelling i.e. what makes a story, why is it important to communication and human engagement; what are the components of a story
  • 2. When story is most applicable in business. We’ll review the five most common times you’ll see story “at work.”
  • 3. How to connect story to larger message frameworks to enhance resonation with audiences
The class is highly interactive where participants will practice elements of storytelling and also sharing complete stories, while knowing exactly where and when they can apply to their work.


Class Delivery

This class is designed as a half-day offering for groups of 10-30 people. A shorter version is offered within Content Framing. It can also be offered as a companion class to Executive Style & Delivery and/or Executive Presence. It is only offered in class with a live instructor. 

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