Executive Communication Masterclass

Are you tired of your team members struggling to effectively communicate their insights to different audiences and stakeholders? We can help. Articulation is pleased to introduce our new Executive Communication Masterclass. 

The Executive Communication Masterclass is an ideal way for team members to learn how to present their ideas with confidence and impact. 

This 8-week program involves both synchronous and asynchronous sessions– from the orientation, where we set the stage, to the culmination at the small group presentation session. The total investment is about 10 hours.

Our masterclass is not just about learning. It’s about transformation. By the end of the program, your team members will have the tools, techniques, and confidence to deliver impactful presentations, no matter the audience or the complexity of their insights.

Learn more about the sessions included in the Executive Communication Masterclass below.

Acacia Duncan introduces the Executive Communication Masterclass this short video. 

Orientation Session

Helping the participants discover the benefits of a communication 
mindset or “looking for the unusual” to make their communications resonate with the intended audience.

60 minutes, virtual

Message Method Fundamentals

This Message Method Fundamentals session will help take the guesswork out of wrestling through content to determine what to share with an audience. Participants will be guided through a structured thought approach that begins with understanding the audience, what context they need, the question on their mind, and organizing content to creating a 
clear, concise bottom-line message.

Learning Objectives:
• Determine and create the highest value messages for an audience
• Build a common platform on which the speakers / teams can organize
key communications
• Identify and deliver bottom-line first messages

2 hours, virtual

Fundamentals Feedback

Within 7 – 10 days after the 2nd class, participants will apply the fundamentals to a collection of data from their line of business that needs to be delivered to a specific audience. They will share their bottom-line first slide visual and be offered feedback and coaching on their application of the fundamentals.

90 min, small group virtual

Slide Visuals: Best Practices

When you must incorporate slide visuals into your communication, they can either support your message or distract from it. In this asynchronous session, participants will learn how create slide visuals that engage the audience and help your message stick.

Learning Objectives:
• Identify the four primary purposes of slide visuals.
• Determine the design features of a successful slide visual.
• Communicate effectively with slides by using visual or verbal cues.

20 minute asynchronous learning


Our asynchronous storytelling module will teach participants how to find the story that helps them bridge the gap between what they know and what they want their audience to understand.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand what a story is, why it works in modern organizations, how
to use stories effectively, and when it’s best to use them.
• Learn how storytelling fits into a larger message framework and share
the types of stories that resonate with audiences

30 minute asynchronous learning

1:1 Coaching

Each participant will receive 1:1 coaching with one of Articulation’s coaches to discuss and address their individual communication dilemmas.
Two (2) 1-hour virtual sessions

Small Group Presentation Session

The program wraps up with each participant presenting a 3-6 minute presentation for peer and coach feedback. This session will also provide style and delivery suggestions from the coach.

Articulation will provide content, instructor and workbooks and or handout(s) for printing and distribution and two asynchronous videos.

1.5 -2 hour, virtual, small group

Ready to learn more? Contact Kim Goldsmith for details.