Founded in 2010, the team at Articulation shares a common passion and mission: to empower people to find their voice and tell their story to deliver consequential communications.  

We coach and train for executive communication that transforms behavior for influence, persuasion and impact, where and when our clients need it most. 

Our origin.

(How we got this idea. Pun intended).

In 2009 after Ruth Milligan founded the first TEDxColumbus, she went looking for someone who could help coach her next round of speakers in content framing and storytelling. When she came up dry, she founded Articulation. 

TEDxColumbus continues to this day to have an integrated tie with Articulation, we consider it our service to our community and our learning laboratory for new ways to help people become more impactful speakers. 

Since 2009, we have coached hundreds of speakers in the TED-style, both on stages with official TEDx licenses and private-label events we organize for our clients. 

Meet us below or click here for our services. 

Passionated and dedicated

Our team

Founder, Managing Partner

Ruth Milligan

Ruth is Articulation’s founder and General Partner. She has been responsible for the development of this unique model that brings highly experiential learning toward the goal of empowering people to find their voice and tell their story. 

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Lead Executive Communication Coach and Trainer

Meagan Buren

Meagan has been an Executive Speech Coach and Trainer for Articulation since 2015. She is responsible for delivering both training for all curriculum offerings and individual coaching to executives, specializing in complex content structure and story. 

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Lead Executive Communication Coach and Trainer

Acacia Duncan

Before becoming an ICF Certified coach and joining Articulation in 2016, Acacia spent fourteen years as a corporate coach and trainer in the retail sector. As a lead coach, she specializes in helping clients discover their authentic voice and unlocking the tools to particularly support presentation confidence and vocal quality. 

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Client Services Director

Kim Goldsmith

As our client services director, Kim keeps the helps us to organize all of our client deliverables from proposals to vendor requirements to all of the scheduling (all of it!) with coaches and trainers. She knows our offerings and helps clients navigate both what is best for them to making sure we deliver what was promised. 

Our values.

(More than writing on our wall).

To the right are our four core values; we truly live by them in all we do. 

At the heart of our work is empowering people to find their voice to deliver consequential communications. 

If you become a client, we are totally transparent in everything we do. Become a client and find out how! 

We all have families so our work-life balance is paramount. 

The fun we have isn’t only together with each other, it is with our clients and in celebrating everyone’s successes.