What Does Your Team or You Need?

Whether a team workshop, one-on-one consultation, live or virtual, onsite or off — our rich service offering has delivered for Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, and career professionals eager to grow their storytelling prowess. The three areas listed below represent the bulk of our offering. Consider which might be best for you. You can also begin by completing our needs assessment — and we can take it from there.

For Your Teams or Organization

Executive Communication Masterclass for Teams

Are you tired of your team members struggling to effectively communicate their insights to different audiences and stakeholders? We can help. Articulation is pleased to introduce our new Executive Communication Masterclass.


Message Development
Presentation Style & Delivery
Team Development Modules
Science and Innovation Storytelling
Hot Seat Training
Influential Presence
Influential Storytelling

For Individuals

Executive Communication Masterclass for Individuals
Executive Communication Coaching Program (3-9 months)
Keynote Coaching

For Your Events

Transforming Talks
Articulation Keynotes & Workshops

Getting up and presenting a story is not what most people are good at.
This is how to get better.