January 2019
Internal Pitch Competition
As Internal Pitch Competitions are become more popular, make sure to think of their benefits beyond the prize winnings. Our client engaged us to do just that and the results have been notable.
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Storytelling Martin Luther King Jr
On this blog where we only talk about storytelling, communications, presentations, speeches, talks, influence and more - the only appropriate post for today is MLK’s I Have a Dream speech. No one until that moment or after has delivered a more significant, consequential and memorable talk. Arguably the most important vision talk ever communicated.
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Ruth Milligan StoryTelling
I am hoping by now that everyone knows WHAT “storytelling” does for influencing and persuading audiences and WHY it works. Without citing any of the brain science that has been widely reported, it most simply triggers us to connect with what we don’t yet know and care about, with things we do know and care about.  I spent...
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public speaking tips
Happy New Year! If you’re looking for top tips for public speaking and executive communications, this post is for you. we’ve rounded up our most popular articles from 2018.
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