Month: October 2011

It’s my turn for the stage

This week I’ll be speaking at the Cityworks (X)po in Roanoke, Virginia. I was invited to speak on behalf of the TEDx global community, which now equates to 3417 events in 117 countries. Humbled, yes. Nervous, no. Since this is my “TEDx” season, the content is omnipresent in the brain, especially thanks to a great hour-long talk show with our leading …

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Three times makes it a trend

They say once is an event, twice is a coincidence and three times is a trend. As we organize the third TEDxColumbus event, we’re definitely feeling the trend. Consider our first year when no one knew what TED  or TEDx was. I had to explain, clarify, demonstrate and explain some more. Last year, we had some awareness but still needed to …

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