We’ve aligned our training offerings as one-hour, virtual classes.
Please review our NEW virtual learning opportunities below.

One-Hour Online Classes

Designed for easy, rapid deployment to individuals and teams stretched for time.

We developed our one-hour online classes in response to the Coronavirus pandemic — knowing that many teams and individuals are now working remotely, many for the first time, and many will continue to do so once the world gets through this troublesome time. Although shorter and open to more participants than our standard services, these classes will nonetheless offer individuals and teams the opportunity to develop and refine their storytelling, presentation, and live interaction skills.

Pick Your Time

Virtual classes with live instructors will be offered weekdays from 9 a.m.–6 p.m., (EST).
To schedule your class, please email us here.

Designed for groups under 100, our short classes provide breakout prompts and the ability to host breakout sessions for up to 20 participants each. Breakout sessions can also double as networking/engagement touchpoints for associates.

Each class is 60 minutes long. Engagement and feedback time can be added depending on the level of peer interaction your team may want or need, but classes will not exceed 90 minutes in total.

All classes feature three to four key learnings in rotation of learning, example, and exercise. Your instructor will provide the lesson, share the example, and then immediately pass it off for either a self-study exercise or breakout session for participants to practice together.

Most sessions will have either a short pre-read email or a video in order to deepen participants’ engagement and investment in the class subject matter.

All classes will have a post-call evaluation survey of two to three questions.

These online 1-hour classes will be conducted by either Ruth Milligan or Acacia Duncan.

We will use Zoom for the ease of its breakout rooms, polling, whiteboards, chat, and other functions suited to online learning. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, visit https://zoom.us.

Whether it’s a conference call or online meeting, working virtually takes a unique set of skills. This class will alert you to important non-verbal and visual cues that can affect how your message is perceived and acted on, your ability to engage with your audience, and using your environment to optimize impact.

Giving and getting feedback can positive or perilous. This class will help you take better command of how to use feedback — from reports, colleagues, or superiors — to advance your goals and achieve better outcomes.

Best taken in sequence, this offering consists of two classes. The first focuses on the why, what, and how to use storytelling in the workplace. The second digs deeper on how to apply learnings from the first and engage in practice sessions to obtain feedback. The second class requires practice breakout rooms to accommodate 3 to 4 participants.

An abbreviated version of our standard class on this subject, the offering focuses principally on helping you stay inside your message when called up to define or defend a proposal, strategy, regulatory process, or current initiative. The standard class provides in-depth practice for ten or fewer participants.

Understanding your audience — their needs, goals, learning styles, the questions they ask — is central to successful communication. This class will help use audience insight to craft your message.

Are you using slides to best effect or clouding your message unnecessarily? This class will sort through the why, what, where, and when to use slides and break down the difference between presentation slides and pre-read slides.

Sometimes there’s just no time to develop a pitch. This class will give you tips and insight on how to develop and organize a key business pitch in 5 minutes or less for those on-the-fly moments that offer a chance to make a sale, capture a lead or tell a story.

“Know thyself” is ancient, but always timely advice for anyone seeking to advance their influence, careers, or relationships. This class will help you harvest insight into who you are, how you are perceived, and what you can do to better see yourself as others do.

As a scientist and researcher, knowing what, how much, and when to share your knowledge to advance your goals is an art. This class is designed to help you crystalize your findings and make them accessible to lay audiences so they can put your findings to work.