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3 Classes Open to the Public

Executive Presentation Style and Delivery

We are pleased to offer, for the individual, a full-day, highly interactive session focusing on public speaking, style and delivery, and influential storytelling. This session includes video and audio recording and feedback. The course is intentionally limited to a small group to allow for one-on-one coaching to address individual needs and differing speaking styles. 

This workshop is perfect for:

The individual who is looking for professional growth and development in executive presentation skills; 

The individual who is preparing for an upcoming consequential presentation; 

The company that has a rising executive who needs additional public communication guidance. 

Content Framing and Storytelling 

Content Framing and Storytelling can teach anyone to quickly translate complex ideas and data into compelling content and communicate solutions with confidence and clarity to win support. This class is particularly suited for individuals needing to sell analytical insights in data-rich environments. 

This workshop is perfect for:

The individual who is often presenting recommendations or insights;

The individual who is organizing large amounts of information or data which needs to be distilled into concise messaging; 

The individual who needs help understanding how story can engage data.

Executive Presence 

Executive Presence focuses on the behaviors of the exceptional values-based executive who influences through his/her congruence of gravitas, communication and appearance. In this class, individuals will confirm their own values-based leadership style and incorporate behaviors that will distinguish you as a leader with executive presence.

This workshop is perfect for: 

Those who need to build better skills to demonstrate grounding and evoke confidence in others of themselves.

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All classes are held in Columbus, Ohio from 9-4pm.