Meagan Buren

Meagan Buren

Senior Director

Executive Communication Coach and Trainer 

Meagan has been an Executive Speech Coach and Trainer for Articulation since 2015. She is responsible for delivering both training for all curriculum offerings and individual coaching to executives, specializing in complex content structure and story. 

Upon earning her Master’s in Communications, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown University, Buren immersed herself in high-stakes communication challenges in our nation’s capital where she spent nearly a decade leading communication campaigns and public opinion research. Her work has taken her around the globe to help corporate, non-profit, and political clients to understand the mindset of their target audience, define their message, and refine their delivery. 

Buren has worked to establish messaging strategies for Fortune 100 companies and her work as a speech coach & media trainer has helped ambassadors, politicians, and business and community leaders to effectively communicate. Knowing what to say is only half the battle. Ensuring that executives, professionals, and media messengers also have the tools to effectively communicate with a range of audiences is key to successful communications.

Meagan lives in Columbus with her husband and three children.

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