Acacia Duncan


Acacia Duncan 

Senior Director

Executive Communication Coach and Trainer 

Before becoming an ICF Certified coach and joining Articulation in 2016, Acacia spent fourteen years as a corporate coach and trainer in the retail sector. As a coach, she specializes in helping clients discover their authentic voice and unlocking the confidence to achieve their goals. As a facilitator, she has created and led training and development courses for groups of up to fifty. By keeping the room lively and curious, and asking questions before answering them, she creates an environment that fosters adult peer learning.

In addition to coaching and facilitation, Acacia is a professional theatre director and actor. Her years of experience on and off stage have taught her to how bring out the creativity in any individual or team and how to engage an audience.

Acacia graduated from Miami University with degrees in Theatre Performance and Economics and has studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and with the SITI Company. She lives in Columbus with her husband, Matthew Slaybaugh, and her adorable Weimaraner, Beckett. 

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